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Hi, My name is...

Aarya Prabhukeluskar

An Industrial Design student...

and these are some of the things I enjoy doing...


My works

Anchor 1

A running shoe design for runners and athletes.

Final Fabelle basket (For Brochure).511.jpg

A redesign of luxury chocolate gift boxes.

(Manufactured and currently buyable in the market)


A stress busting desk toy for working class people.

(Shortlisted in the final round of 'TOYTALE' (Toy/Game) design national competition 2021)

Sneaker Design_Page_5.png

Inspired from ancient Indian artforms.

(Entry for International Sneaker design competition

hosted by 'Pensole Footwear Design Academy')


A space design for children with autism in Arushi (NGO).


(A live project and currently work in progress)

Swap on device 3.png

A service design with a digital toughpoint

for E-Rickshaw drivers.

Final look.273.jpg

Redesigning of an existing package.


An interesting and experimental exhibition design.

pack opened-b.png

Helps keep the Son Papdi fresh and intact.

sanease with context a.png

An automatic sanitizer dispenser.

(Won at D'source international design competition

hosted by 'IIT Bombay')

Other Skills

Some other works

Digital and Hand-drawn Product Renders/Sketches

Illustrations and Caricatures

About me

I'm a naturally curious person who likes discovering, observing, and comprehending new things. Coming up with fresh ideas and designing products, toys, and sneakers are some of my favorite things to do. I enjoy painting and experimenting with different mediums, which I include into my product sketching and rendering, giving my work an unique and artistic tone.


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